Enosburg Falls Middle School

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Principal's Message


January 2017 (Quarter 3)
Dear EFMS Parents/Guardians,

Thank you all for helping make the first two quarters of this school year such a great success.  Kids have been working very hard to achieve skills and meet learning goals in the classroom throughout the school year with the guidance of our skilled teaching staff.  

As we have done in the past, EFMS teachers use incompletes in the grade book.  The use of this system aligns with EFMS’s philosophy about Growth Mindset--we believe that there are essential skills and standards students need to master in school and we use assessments (tests, projects, papers, presentations, VMath and IXL, etc…) to measure their learning.  By using incompletes, we are communicating to students that they have not yet demonstrated their learning and growth…yet.  In some cases, the incomplete is because the student has not yet attempted or completed one of these assessments for a class.  In other cases, it may be that what the student completed does not yet meet the standard or does not fully show the teacher what the student has learned, so they need to try again.  In either case, students’ grades cannot be calculated until the learning is demonstrated.  


As a team, we have done many things to support students in completing their work and in removing incompletes from their grades. These include (but are not limited to) Work Completion Wednesdays, 1:1 time with teachers before and after school, lunch work time with teachers, done/undone afternoons, weekly enrichment sessions, and TA time.  Even with all of these opportunities, there are still some students who have incompletes or are at risk of ending the school year with incompletes.  We will also have additional time coming up for incomplete grades to be addressed this year.  Students with incompletes may miss out on team activities or events this spring and students who have incompletes on the day of the end-of-the-year trip will need to stay behind to remove these incompletes.  


To ensure we do not send students to the next grade at EFMS or on to high school with incompletes on their records, we will be offering EFMS summer school again this year.  Summer School will be required for students who end the school year with an incomplete grade for any of their classes. Dates are TBA, but they will be half days starting the day after school ends for two weeks (start date will be announced in March).  It will be staffed by EFMS teachers.  Students only need to attend until any incompletes are finished to meet standards.  Some students may only need to attend for the first day and others may need more time than that.  Our goal in providing this summer opportunity is to ensure students are accomplishing the essential learning for their classes and to send them to the remainder of MS or to HS with the most accurate portrayal of their grades and learning.  


Students will have until the last day of school at dismissal to remove incompletes.  Incompletes that remain from any quarter of the school year after that will mean a student is required to attend Summer School starting the day after school ends. If students do not follow through on Summer School the incompletes will become a zero for the quarter.  This will have an impact on sports participation in the fall because students will likely end their course with an F.


Parents/guardians, you will be contacted mid-May and near the end of the school year if your child is at risk of needing to attend Summer School.  You will receive a call on the last day of school if your child needs to attend Summer School with us.  The EFMS teachers and I encourage you to regularly check your child’s PowerSchool grades and encourage work completion both at school and home.  Please contact Kelly Gervais (933-5354, kgervais@enosburgk12.net) if you need PowerSchool login information.  Please feel free to contact me or your child’s TA teacher if you have any questions regarding this information.  



Rachel Reynolds, EFMS Principal