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Winter Break is February 27-March 7th.

EFMS High School informational night has been changed to Monday February 20th. 6-7PM

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Hornet News

Penny Wars will run from 2/1/17 until 2/15/17

Purpose: To raise money for Cole Paquette, a Bakersfield student who is battling cancer.

Time Frame: It will begin on Wednesday, February 1 and will end on Wednesday, January 15.

Rules: Pennies are worth one point each. Try to gather as many pennies for your TA as possible! Other money (dollar bills, quarters, dimes, nickels) are worth negative points. Use these to sabotage other TAs! If your TA has 100 pennies and someone from another TA puts a dollar in your bin, you have 0 points.

Penny Bins will be available in the morning until the first bell, during TA, and at the end of the day. You may not leave a class during the day for penny war purposes.

You may not hide your container or block it from others adding money to it. You may not remove money once it has been added to your container.

All pennies and other money must be in the bins by 2:45 on Wednesday, 2/15! This is when the challenge ends!